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My new Tripawd dog

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My new Tripawd dog

my new life as a tripawd

September 7th, 2009 · 3 Comments · Uncategorized

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M dog Fritz was out of my sight literally for two seconds and was hit by a car. I was RIGHT there. He is an escape artist and heard some kids and wanted to go investigate. I was right behind him.As of tomorrow, he will begin his life as a tripawd, lucky for him, it is a back leg.He is a beautiful imported German Shepherd who is a little too smart for his own good.He has not complained except when his bandage has been changed, at all. What should I expect? I have no problem with a three legged dog, at least I still have him. He is a wondeful dog, full of character and love.I just do not know what to expect in the next month or so while he recovers.. Any advice would be much appreciated..
Jane & Fritz

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  • FeartheEars

    Jane & Fritz,

    Expect no change except Fritz will not be able to go as long as he did before. I met Wyatt Ray Dawg four days after surgery and he was acting like nothing had happened. The big thing is the time it takes to build up the strength in the remaining leg to compensate for the amputation. Take it slow at first. They will want to go back to full tilt before they are really ready. Short periods of intense activity are fine, but Fritz will not have the stamina, and will need more rest than he thinks he does. Codie Rae even though at full strength, and three years post amputation, cannot run around with the four legged dogs for long periods. This video of Wyatt and Codie might give you an idea of what they can do at different stages after surgery.


  • jerry

    Jane and Fritz, never fear, he will do just fine! Allow him plenty of time to recuperate, and gradually build up his stamina. You will be amazed at how well he gets around, and will learn so much from how he handles this unfortunate accident.

    Good luck with the surgery, keep us posted OK? And remember that the Forums are always filled with lots of wonderful pawrents ready to help.

    Thanks for becoming a Tripawds member.

  • Emilysmom

    I don’t often read the blogs but came upon yours today. How is Fritz? I hope you checked out the forums for much needed information. Hope all is well.
    Debra & Angel Emily

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